I've sporadically kept up with RuneScape throughout the years

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Hello and welcome to Memory Card. Here, we will embark on one final--maybe even fatal--playthrough of the games we've forgotten from our past. Just like the old days there's a chance that we'll pull some late-night booze OSRS Gold, we may lose a few friends and we may end up taking too many hot Pockets. Let's check out how far we've been. Or perhaps we've fallen back.

In the early days of the nineties as the internet internet lit the world of gaming with LAN gaming possibilities, one type of fantasy-based experience was born as the MMORPG, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game for the novices.

There were games such as World of Warcraft or Guild Wars that let you talk and quest with people from all over, and all you needed was a decent internet connection to do it. My own favorite fanciful drug of choice was RuneScape, a game that involved me and my brother working together to defeat the Corporeal Beast as well as learn to cook monkfish in a stunning way, and play a few rounds of Gnome Ball.

That time of getting back from school and jumping on the shared computer and later , our own computers and leaving the door to our bedroom open for us to shout strategies and plead for gold, were among the most memorable memories I've ever had.

I've sporadically kept up with RuneScape throughout the years to check that my account from 2005 was not lost. It wasn't until two months ago, that I received a message from a trusted friend from my Gamer Squad*, which simply read, "I want to play runescape" and I re-started on my quest to Gielinor.

Like every other great MMO the goal in RuneScape will vary depending on the player. Maybe you want to complete every one of the over 200 quests to achieve Legendary Hero status. Perhaps you'd like to master at least one of 28 abilities to earn the legendary Skill Mastery cape rs power leveling. Maybe you want to make billions by flipping products on the Grand Exchanges.

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